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Pilot Project  : School Adoption programme’ for a period of One Year.
Joint Venture  : Samaritan Trust with ‘Municipal School’.
Objective  : To provide student with the basic facilities that will allow student to have a better and healthier surrounding and will empower students to enjoy good health and study better.
Location  : Boriwali (East), Western suburbs.
Target Audience  : Students who study with ‘Municipal School’
Timing  : Pilot study is for a period of one year with an intention to see the see the possibility for ongoing efforts
Intention  : Provide basic laboratory equipments, healthy drinking water, clean toilets, hygiene tips, cupboard and other item repairs, etc.
Accountability  : Arrangements will be made by ‘Samaritan Trust’ but School will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the services within the vicinity on a daily basis
Feasibility  : Begin for a year and then decide the future course
Focus  : Cleanliness, hygiene, basic necessary facilities, etc.
Parents counseling & training  : Consul Parents on how to deal with children, how to be accountable for their daily hygiene, change of clothes, habits, etc.
Media & Local Exposure  : Arrange to get as much Media coverage, also spread the message in the nearby locality either through word of mouth, pamphlets, cable TV etc.
Venue Cleanliness  : Venue will be well maintained and clean throughout the day
Review  : Arrangement to be re-visited after 6 months
The Samaritan Trust