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Samaritan is a person who helps people in distress. Samaritan Trust has been formed by few likeminded friends for the betterment of underprivileged and deprived children. As Samaritans we are nothing but a logical extension of parenthood. How we looked at this is that one does not have to be a social worker to make a difference in society. An individual could be doing his own business, job, or studies and yet can spare some time, money, energy and ideas which will help have great impact on the child’s life and the society and get great satisfaction in doing so.

We all are doing a lot of things for our own Children even beyond our capacities. At the same time in our surroundings we see Children on the street, traffic signal, railway station living in pathetic conditions. When there is a virus in the air however protected our children are, they still get infected. We can always protect our children within the four walls of our house, our building compounds, but the eventually they will be exposed to the surroundings which is unpleasant and unsafe for them, sooner or later they are going to be effected by it. So we need clear the surroundings first. If every individual provides just the basic necessities to at least one child considering the kid as his own next child then the surroundings will be healthy and conductive for all. We need to ensure small but regular efforts in our locality which eventually will change our area, city, state and country.

Most people think that it is only the rich who can do charity. This is not true. Even if you have no money, no time, no old things to give away no problem. All you need is the desire, the inclination or the willingness to contribute towards society without effecting what you are currently doing. Trust yourself to do good to mankind.
The Samaritan Trust